Life is way too short for boring. At Kuckoo we have dedicated 12 years of our lives helping lovely people like you brighten someone else's day. We've been responsible for a few coughing fits and some soiled underwear along the way but it's been well worth it.

It feels good to know we make people smile.

In our shop we hear people laughing out loud at our cards and feedback and reviews from online are good to receive as they regularly make us smile, guffaw! and one of us sometimes does a little wee, (we're at that age.) all of those things combined let us know we are doing our job.

At the start...

In the beginning, we contemplated the daunting question 'Do we spend our time drinking wine or try and make funny stuff?' The answer was simple, we had been drinking wine for what seemed like forever, and while it is a truly satisfying feeling, the financial gain was less rewarding. So we pulled on some big girl knickers and got to work, trying hard to make each other laugh more than normal. The result was still some almighty hangovers, a worrying perspective on our state of mind, a hilarious bedside notebook full of ideas which none of us could ever read the next day, but more importantly, our heads rammed full of ideas, some amazing, some cool, some crazy and some downright disturbing...

Where did you get your name?

If you are of a certain age you remember the teachers of the early 80s, you know the ones that had breath like an ashtray, with mustard socks and brown leather sandals? blinkered, chauvinistic, stuffy and quite frankly intolerant of anyone who didn't share their views and beliefs, you know the type?

When I was fresh into sixth form wandering the corridors I bumped into my old Maths teacher, Admittedly Maths was never my strongest subject, I scraped a pass at best, He was a stout man with a big red face with sweat patches on his un-ironed shirt "Bloody hell, what are you doing here? Perhaps you aren't as Cuckooas I had originally thought" what a charmer...Who's laughing now Buffer?

And now?

We have a studio full of great big smiles, a full team of happy people, and a very lazy Dachshund called Dolly… and that is what makes it possible to do what we do betterer. (and yes that is a word because I proclaimed it to be so!)

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